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Creative projects is a way for me to express my vision of well-being and explore my creativity. I had the opportunity to create visual merchandising for H&M Home in Reykjavik, Iceland. For personal projects, I also made 3D inspirations to practice sketchup software. All these inspirations made me want to do renovation and customization of furniture to give them a new life and undertake a sustainability approach to my work. 

HM Vitrine Utsala.jpeg
HM Vitrine Marine.jpeg


HM Lit tropical.jpeg
HM Collection Nature.jpeg
Chambre design 1.jpg
Chambre vue 2.jpg
Café design 2.jpg
Café design 1.jpg


Copie de Meuble-2.jpg
Copie de Meuble-4.jpg
Copie de Meuble Anne SO-4.jpg
Copie de Meuble Anne SO.jpg
Copie de projet stage 1.JPG
Copie de IMG_6006.jpg
Copie de projet stage 2.JPG


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